CCT 63.6 I

Compensation current transformer, All current

Current transformers for the measurement of direct and alternating currents for measuring of non-sinusoidal and distorted networks.


Electricity is conducted over the magnetic field and is captured by the measuring core. The current induced in the measuring core is proportional to the primary current and is captured by a semi-conductor element. An integrated electronic control unit converts the semi-control signal into an output current signal, which is directly proportional to the temporal course of the measured primary value. A contactless inductive captured parameter creates a galvanically separated output signal. Electrical contact with the secondary circuit of the current transformer is achieved by means of a 4-pole-spring-clamp. This clamp is suitable for connection to a flexible conductor up to 1,5 mm². A DC auxiliary voltage of ± 24 V is required to supply the electronic controls. The auxiliary voltage input must be secured by a HRC fuse size of 300 mA / 250 V micro fuse.


  • Measuring of direct current as well as alternating current with only one current transformer is possible.
  • Large working frequency range from 0 Hz (DC)…100 kHz (AC).
  • High electric protection of the galvanically isolated capture of the measured variable.
  • Low power-consumption (≤ 2.5 VA)
  • Easy and safety electrical connection by means of spring clamp terminal.
  • Direct mounting onto the bus bar by means of integrated fixing screws which are part of the unit.
  • High climatic and mechanical durability, PU-resin hardened enclosures of all electrical components.


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