TG omni 1

DIN VDE 0701-0702 / ÖVE E 8701 / DIN VDE 0544-4 / IEC/EN 60974-4 / IEC/EN 62353

In order to correct the phasing of the passive Rogowski coil by 90°, an integrator circuit is necessary. At the same time it is desirable to maintain a standard signal, in order to ensure compatibility with the usual measurement devices. The three-phase ROI-3 integrator is ideally suited to an output of 1 A. Three Rogowski coils can be connected simultaneously. A 24 V DC source is required as the voltage supply. Installation on a 35 mm-DIN-rail is intended.

Benefits of the ROI-3

Compact casing for the connection of three FASK. The ROI-3 does not measure direct currents when used with the FASK; however, in contrast to a conventional current transformer it can perform exact measurements of the alternating current component, even if a large superimposed direct current component is present, because there is no iron core to cause saturation. This function is particularly important for the measurement of ripple currents, e.g. in battery charging systems. The ROI-3 integrator has relatively good frequency behaviour.

The safety tester TG omni 1 is a test device for checking the protective measures according to DIN VDE 0701-0702 (DGUV regulation 3) // ÖVE E 8701 on portable electrical equipment. Optionally also for checking medical devices and systems according to DIN EN 62353 / DIN VDE0751-1 and for checking arc welding systems according to IEC / EN 60974-4 / DIN VDE 0544-4.

Your advantages:

  • Operating concept via tablet allows the reading of barcode / QR code, creation of test reports in PDF format including photo documentation.
  • Examinee and customer administration on site through the integrated database
  • Paperless office - e-mail test reports


  • Protective conductor resistance (optionally with test current 10 A)
  • Insulation resistance
  • Equivalent
  • Residual current (optionally with residual current clamp 40 A)
  • Contact current
  • procedures SK I, SK II active / passive
  • Fixed connection
  • Extension cables
  • Rotary power consumption
  • Single measurement
  • Compensation of the measuring line
  • Optional RCD tests with 30 mA tripping current


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